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some random poetry

now that my poetry assignment has been submited i thought i would post a few poems that didn’t make it in to the submissio

Under the Pier.


A cold and cavernous chamber,

lit by golden Tiffany light

that fails to shatter shadows.

A verdant carpet lines the pebbled

ground, slick and sleek and slimy.

The wood pillar posts painted

magnolia by Molluscs ,barnacles

and limpets.

The salty tangy scent of changing

tides lingers on the air,

while the sound of screaming

seagulls barely

punctuates my sanctuary.

Exposed, but only momentary

before the moon waves

her arms and claims it for Ariel’s

pleasure once again.


High Rise

Some nights I can hear

my downstairs neighbours

fighting. Their voices carry

louder than the TV, I try

not to turn the volume too

loud and wake up everyone

else in the house. But I just

want to yell shut up.


Some days I can hear

the guy who lives upstairs

whistling. He’s not bad,

he can carry a tune. Yet

on occasion it drives me

completely crazy and I

really want to tell him

to just give it a rest.


But then I think:


Some times I sing out

of tune in the shower. I

imagine I’m a superstar.

Or I will watch quiz shows

on the tele, shouting answers

and insults at the screen. I

guess what I should scream




Do faeries play amongst the feral florals

at the bottom of the garden, where gardenias once grew.

Do they hold a harvest hootannay,

inviting all and sundry to join their jamboree.




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