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my tma poems.

Here are the poems i wrote for my TMA. i like them 😀




Scarlet lettered ladies,

Crimson splattered slips.

Auburn crowned infamy,

Anonymous cherry lips.


Claret scribed confession,

Victoria’s vermilion reign.

Demonic Knave of Hearts

From Hell-fire’s flames.


Poppy eyed manhunter

Of history’s black heart.

Marooned in murky mystery.

Folly, falsity or Fact?

Hostile Takeover.


At first it felt like we were all friends.

Playing on the same field,striving for

the same goals. Then the interlopers came,

with their take over nature. Pushing us who

had always been there, to the side.

Changing the names we had given to things.

They told us what to think and do.

They poured over us

with their condescending nature.

Sanctimonious. Berating us.

We tried to stand against them and

they united against us. We couldn’t keep

them out. This isn’t a private play park.

But now the atmosphere of fun has gone.

And so I wonder,

Do I want to play here any more?

The Scent of Roses.


A hot cup of tea when it’s chilly outside.

Cracking the spine on a brand new book.

removing my shoes after dancing all night.

A cute guy in a kilt, or dressed up in a suit.

Finding £5 in the road when I’m skint.

Plenty of bubbles filling my bath.

Bumping into a friend and grabbing a drink.

A joke so bad that I can’t help but laugh.

A cuddle at bedtime. A kiss goodnight.

Spending time with my daughter when on vacation.

A moment of peace in which to write.

Trying to say Floccinaucinihilipilification.


Little instances that pass unremarked,

but if we let them slip by, we can’t get them back.


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